The objective is now:

to consider whether you would like to join as pilot and drive with us for the entire event or stages/parts of it (see below the stages during the CONVOY2EAST and projected costs of participation)

• to have your company as a sponsor :  support us financially and our good cause « children with cancer », barter agreements and exchange of services can be considered too.

And buy miles

Do you wish to enter the convoy in a more competitive way ?

You can choose one car & driver from the one’s joining us, and pay one-euro-per-mile 

towards the miles they drive. The whereabouts of our convoy will be announced daily!


Our good cause and non-profit organization Drive for Miles® will carry your brand and company philosophy to a large audience of car owners (12,000 today) and have daily story-telling on the social web about the Convoy and your involvment (we reach up to 70,000 subscribers on various pages we have access to). The press will also feature our Convoy. The cross-fertilization between our noble cause and your good brand should be phenomenal!


By the way, the entire sum we manage to raise will pay for THE GOOD RIDES we are planning with cancer-kids aboard in 2020.



Finalised program & projected costs

for CONVOY2EAST drivers:


Our route of a total 3,600 miles per car

25 Sept: Luxembourg – Stuttgart – Salzburg (700 km)

26 Sept: Salzburg – Zagreb – Beograd (850 km)

27 Sept: Belgrad – Skopje – Thessaloniki (700 km)

28 Sept: Thessaloniki – Athens (550 km)

29 Sept: The Good Ride, Athens (in collaboration with ELPIDA, Porsche Club Greece) hosted by Athens NJV Plaza Athens, Join the event on Facebook (200 km approx)

30 Sept: depart Athens – Patras, overnight ferry to Ancona (1400 km)

1 Oct: arrive Ancona, late afternoon, drive to Milan (450 km)

2 Oct: lunch in Milan, continue to Locarno/Italy (150 km)

3 Oct: continue to Luxembourg and further, finish (800-1000 km)

= 5800-6000 km = 3600 miles

Estimated budget each pilot and co-pilot cover out off their own pocket:

including hotel accommodation, food and beverage during 10 days, secure parking for your car,

administrative costs, special permissions and arrangements, gifts for hosts, special events, extraordinary budget in reserve / not included: toll vignette in Austria & Switzerland, car related expenses such as oil and petrol, speeding fines

= EUR 3’875 for a single driver, driving alone

= EUR 2’340 per person in a car with pilot & co-pilot



This trip and the effort pilots and co-pilots make should be rewarded by sponsorships for one-Euro-per-mile

potentially this would signify:

1 EUR per mile, per car, average 5800 km = 3600 miles x 1 EUR = 3600 EUR per car


Let’s try and share this and get sponsorships (for our car, for the ride), it is for a very good cause!


Donations: Drive for Miles, IBAN: BE73 8538 6137 2560