a little Story for you …

… you may wonder why one of our Porsche’s carries the colors of Ayrton Senna.

This Porsche is a special 911 modell 964 from 1992, it is a werks-turbo-look (wide body, WTL) of which only 702 were produced worldwide, and probably half of them are crashed or not on the road anymore.

Our chairman Annik had a big car-crash with her 964 convertible Porsche in 2007 and whilst still in a wheelchair, her garage in Luxembourg actually found this special Porsche she had been looking for more than 12 years. She is a committed Ayrton Senna fan and decided to design a full-body sticker for her WTL in Ayrton Senna colors. In the beginning this Porsche even drove for the INSTITUTO OF AYRTON SENNA (providing for street children). When this Porsche was immatriculated, the plate we chose was the birth date of Ayrton Senna which incidentally is also Annik’s birthday, just twisting one digit around.

In the meantime, it was with this WTL that we kindly named « SENNA » that she drove on May 9, 2017 from Luxembourg to Moscow (in three days!) and as many back. The journey crossed Germany – Poland – Bellorussia – Russia with little difficulties on the roads, and much waiting time at the borders and a few more stories you can read on Annik’s (aka Annik Porsche-Singer) Facebook. On May 12, 2017 our treasurer Guy Flener joined her and the Porsche Classic Club Russia to drive the CLASSIC PORSCHE SPRING RACE organized by the PCC.

What an experience! And how many PORSCHE friends we made!

© photo credits: Andrey Gerasimov, PCC